National policies and city/regional planning

A March 11 brief article of the Financial Times that I came across ("Not just dodgy loot") provides an interesting perspective on the linkage between city / regional planning and its impact on national policies. See the excerpt below to see what it's all about.

Change of language?

I am thinking of changing this blog's language into English. Writing content on these topics in Greek no longer provides any kind of benefit for me. It never did actually, but I only did it out of sheer persistence and for the pleasure of writing itself. Judging from the flows of incoming traffic, the highest interest has been on posts mostly unrelated to city planning or environmental matters. On the other hand, I have no interest in translating all these Greek posts into English or starting a new, English-language blog. This has mostly been a public, personal notepad on issues that attracted my curiosity and that I found the time to write about. Perhaps, some signs of aspiration to educate and share knowledge can be traced as well. A personal notepad will, by default, be written in the language of preference of its owner, so perhaps there's no need for explanations after all... I shall write in whichever language comes more naturally to me, depending on the content of the post. A bilingual blog, for a time of transition...
BTW, the blog's title ("Paratiriseis") stands for "Observations" (...on cities): city planning,  public spaces, local development, environment, images, hearings, thoughts.